Bearing+Distance Europe 1.8.7

Source:Dan Finkelstein

Calling all private pilots! Enter a destination or waypoint and get the Bearing (true + magnetic) and Distance using your GPS navigation coordinates. Includes aviation compass w/ADF, robust trip system, map view w/cross track error calculation and offline map support, "Nearest Destinations" feature, Custom destinations (add your own!), "track recording" to KML files, & more..

This version includes 14, 416 destinations, including 2, 904 airports, in all of EUROPE. (For a full list of countries, see the website below).

** Fly only in a single country? Look for one of 5 B+D versions in the market for N, S, E, W Europe, as well as a UK stand-alone version, for USD $6.49 each. When you buy this 'Europe' version you essentially get 3 versions for free! **

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